Get Better Results in Way Less Time…


How am I gonna find the time to go to the gym today?! I’ve got a massive report due by tomorrow morning! I’ve got my kids’ band practice tonight! And on top of that I’ve also got a work function that my boss wants me to go to! Where am I gonna find an hour and a half today to get to the gym?!

If you’ve had this conversation in your head before- maybe last week, or yesterday, or today, or everyday, you’re not alone. Most people struggle to find time to get to the gym. Surveys have shown that time is one of the biggest barriers on staying in shape for sedentary business professionals. Another big barrier is energy. Your career takes up so much of your life and your day. You get up in the morning and all you can think about is “I’ve got a million things to do at work today!” or “My boss wants this done ASAP- but it’s gonna take way longer than they’re expecting…” Add to that family life, social life and keeping up the professional networks, and gym time seems to fall by the wayside every single week. We get it!

Cut Your Gym Time in Half

But what if you could cut your time at the gym in half, heck, even half it again?! What if you could get into the gym and be out within 20 mins? How much easier would it be to stay in shape if you only needed to set aside 45, 30, sometimes even only 10 mins for working out? How great would that be?

We’ve done a lot of research and testing to find out just what it would take to get the same or more out of each workout, but in only a fraction of the time. If you haven’t read The Number One Reason Your Workouts Suck… yet, definitely check it out. But in any case, there’s three really important things that you need to understand when working out.


The first is the importance of quality. We get that you’ve got a busy lifestyle and you’re always trying to get multiple things done at once. You text and call while driving on your way to work to save time. You check your emails while waiting for reports to upload and download. You’re talking on the phone to clients while updating their details in the system AND trying to eat your lunch AND trying to get the guy or girl that never seems to have anything to do and comes to annoy you to go away. We get it!!! But in order to get the most out of those 20-25 mins in the gym, you need to put aside all distractions. Put the phone on silent! Go to the bathroom beforehand and then just wait till the end of your workout to go again! Stop starting at yourself in the mirror while you’re resting between sets!

Part of quality workouts is also making sure you workout with the best technique possible. For the deadlift it’s making sure you have the feet the correct width apart, back properly arched, core braced, arms locked and head pointed in front of you- and this goes for every single rep! Quality is also about never compromising technique or form for another half-attempt. So when you’re body starts to twist and turn at the end of a set, don’t keep going! Stop there and then reset. This way you’ll train your body to only move in correct movement patterns, you’ll build great strength and stability in those movements, and you’ll minimise the risk of injuries that could put you out for months and months. When you train with real quality, you’ll notice you can half the amount of time you actually spend in the gym, and even half it again!


The second characteristic is intensity. Have you ever seen those guys that’ll do a couple of reps and then just sit down on the bench and chill for 10 minutes or more after every single set?! You know the ones. They’re the same ones that will then go and pose in front of the mirror for 15 minutes with their extremely average tricep muscles. You’re not one of those guys are you? Well, even if you are, just making a couple of simple changes can dramatically reduce the time you have to spend in the gym and make your workouts far more effective.

Intensity in your workouts means maintaining stability and strength inputs, but reducing time inputs. So if it usually takes you 15-20 mins to get through your five sets of bench press, how can you reduce the time so that you can put in the same amount of work but in half the time? There’s only two real ways to reduce the time inputs for your exercises. Cut down your rest times or do every rep faster and with more power.

Obviously this isn’t going to happen overnight, but when I say that you can get a full chest workout in less than 15 minutes, I’m talking about a really high intensity chest workout. In order to do that same level of work in half the time, you’re going to really have to push yourself. You’re going to have to get used to being out of breath through most of the workout. But as you continue to train with as much intensity as you possibly can, not only will you notice you’re spending less time at the gym, but something’s happening to your body too- your fitness is increasing massively and … wait … what’s that?! Are those abs?!!!! You’ll be amazed at the results you can get when you train with intensity.


The third part is consistency, and this is by far the most important. It’s easy to push yourself to do one really intense workout, but how long can you keep that up? Can you keep doing that for 3, 4, 5 times a week? You’ve definitely got the time now, but have you got the sticking power? Consistency is all about repeating the process again AND again AND again. It’s about having high quality, high intensity workouts multiple times a week for weeks and even months in a row. This is the area that most people can never get through. They know that they need to workout to stay healthy. They learn how to structure their workouts to stay in shape. But they just can’t bring themselves to keep doing the process.

If this is you, I know exactly how you feel. You’re super keen for the first couple of days and you put everything into it. “Yeah, I’m gonna drop 5 kilos in the next two weeks!” you say or “I’m gonna get a six pack in six weeks working out like this!” But you soon find that, not only is six weeks quite a long time, depending on where you’re at in your fitness levels, it’s going to be a gruelling six weeks with lots of discipline and no breaks whatsoever as well.

So many people start out with huge motivation and drive for something, and then they take massive action. They get through the first workout and they’re like “Wow, this is awesome! I’ve never felt this good!” They get to the next workout and they’re like “Yeah, this is pretty good”. And then it’s “Oh this is pretty average”. And within a week they’re like “This sucks. I should’ve known this would never work”. Listen to me, it’s not the program that’s not working! It’s not the weights that have suddenly got heavier and more cumbersome. The food in your nutrition plan hasn’t suddenly got more dry or stale or yuck or whatever excuse you want to come up with. It’s you that’s the problem! Consistency is about sticking to your why, especially when it’s no longer fun or exciting to do so. The initial appeal of everything will almost always wear off eventually. You need to think about why you’re trying to get in shape and make that bigger than the struggles, the hard times and the boredom. Consistency is about making it happen whether you like it or not!


Getting great results in less than half the time from your workouts means increasing the quality, intensity and consistency! It means putting aside distractions, saying no to excuses and getting in there and getting it done for as long as it takes to achieve your fitness goals!

Over the next couple of weeks, we’re going to give you the exact template for how to structure your workouts to halve the time you spend in the gym, but get far more out of it. Follow our blog to get notified instantly of when the workouts come out!

Look out tomorrow for the first episode in the 10 Minute Workout Series: Ultimate Back Attack!

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