10 Minute Workout Series: Chest Slam!

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Here it is- the second of the 10 Minute Workout Series: Chest Slam! You might find it hard to believe, but you can actually do a really good back chest workout in just 10 minutes, but those 10 minutes have got to be incredible!

We get that you don’t have much time and you don’t have the energy to workout for hours in the gym every day. We know you’re busy with your career, family life and other commitments. But working out doesn’t have to take hours and hours. It can take as little as 10 minutes!!


Before attempting a workout like this though, I need you to know a few crucial things. Just as with the other workouts in the 10 Minute Workout Series, this workout is INSANELY intense! Don’t be disappointed if you can’t make it to the last round when you try it the first time. Unless you’re super fit and active already, you’ll most likely struggle the first time you try out this workout. Secondly, if you’re really getting tired and struggling to make reps, stop, rest for a few seconds, and then try another rep. You don’t want to compromise quality for quantity. Every rep you do should still be controlled, strong, and with proper technique. And thirdly, you shouldn’t try and attempt a workout like this more than 3-4 times per week. If you push yourself too hard, you will experience over training, and begin to plateau. Also, trying to attempt a workout like this everyday, at least when you’re starting out, is a sure way to sustain a serious injury.

But if you do it right, you will see incredible gains in your power, fat loss, muscular definition, and in your overall fitness! And you will get a massive, powerful chest!! So let’s get into it- The 10 minute chest slam!

Let’s get into the workout!

Chest Slam!

Warm Up

Bear Crawls 30 seconds

Push ups at half-pace for 30 seconds

Arm Swings 30 seconds

Push ups at 75% pace for 30 seconds

Round 1

Bench Press (as many as you can do in 30 seconds)

Push ups (as many as you can do in 30 seconds)

Bear Crawls 1 minute

No Rest

Round 2

Incline Bench Press (as many as you can do in 30 seconds)

Incline Push ups (as many as you can do in 30 seconds)

Dumbbell Flyes (as many as you can do in 30 seconds)

Bear Crawl 30 seconds

Rest 30 seconds

Round 3

Dips (as many as you can do in 30 seconds)

Decline Dumbbell Bench Press (as many as you can do in 30 seconds)

Push ups (as many as you can do in 30 seconds)

Bear Crawl 30 seconds

Round 4

Push ups (as many as you can do in 1 minute)

This workout should leave you gasping for air and your chest burning! There’s a reason why it’s only 10 minutes- most guys would probably die if it was a one hour workout! This workout is going to get really difficult towards the end because you’re training with little to no spare oxygen. Check out The Workout That’ll Kick Your Butt…. for the reason behind this. This is going to force your heart and lungs to work at maximum capacity to pump oxygen throughout your body. You’re chest, abs and arms will also be burning as lactic acid begins to build up in them, and you’re going to want to give up. But you need to push through this feeling to really work your heart hard!


This intense chest workout is meant to be done in just 10 minutes. There’s no problem with taking more than 10 minutes to complete it though (adding in a bit more rest between rounds is fine). You’ll probably start to slow down near the end of the workout which is normal. But if you really push yourself, this workout can help you build incredible strength and power in your chest, and melt any excess fat off your body!

Follow our blog to get a notification when we release the next workout in the series: Iron Thighs! Also check out Get Better Results in Way Less Time… and The Number One Reason Your Workouts Suck…

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